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Live Event 2014

Bobbi Lewin and Dr. Ken Harrison talk about mental illness on CBC's Fresh Air

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“Put Up Your Dukes is an inspiring fundraising event raising much needed awareness to issues of mental health and addictions. Please join me in support of Put Up Your Dukes to aid those who are still suffering from these conditions.”

- George Chuvalo, Canadian Heavyweight Champion

“I am proud to be an advocate for the Put up Your Dukes event. Mental health disorders and addiction have challenges for people of all ages, but as a mother I understand how vulnerable adolescents with these issues are. Duke's Place at CAMH will be a wonderful resource for young people, and a beautiful way to honour the life of Ryan "Duke" Lewin.”

- Amy Sky
EMI Recording Artist and Mental Health Advocate

“Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in this country. Most Canadians don't know that. I didn't know it myself and I've been a journalist for more than thirty years. The media don't talk about suicide. There's a distinct chill in the newsroom air. Police often refuse to comment on suicide so there won't be a "copycat effect". The only way we are going to fight suicide and help people with thoughts of suicide is to talk about it and about mental illness. We have to be more open. So here goes. Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with depression. One of the questions I had to answer in getting a diagnosis was, "Have you ever thought life wasn't worth living?" I answered yes. Then I was asked, "Have you ever thought about suicide?" and I answered, "Yes--hasn't everybody?" And the psychiatrist said, "No, actually." My answer helped to lead to naming something I had felt since I was a teenager. Once it had a name, I could deal with it and work toward recovery. And the further I go on the road to recovery, the more I am convinced we have to talk openly about mental illness and we have to talk openly about suicide. It's not easy. But it's not impossible. Three decades ago, we didn't talk about cancer. We called it "the 'C' word". Now, though, the charge has been taken out of the word. It has been normalized. The same thing has to happen for mental illness, because in talking about mental illness we can help prevent suicides. NOT talking about it sure hasn't worked. So let's talk.”

- Shelagh Rogers

Veteran broadcast-journalist awarded with the John Drainie Award, Canada's highest broadcasting honour. Two years ago, she was named a Champion of Mental Health for a series she did about mental illness and the impact on families and friends. That same year, she received a Transforming Lives Award from CAMH for speaking publicly about her own depression. In 2010, the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario gave her their Hero Award. She has been honoured for her work in reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada. Currently, she is the host of "The Next Chapter" on CBC Radio, a program devoted to writers and songwriters, and she is the very proud, first-ever Ambassador-at- Large for the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough because she believes we are all in the same boat. At the close of 2010, Shelagh was named an Officer of the Order of Canada for her commitment to volunteer work in adult literacy, mental health and reconciliation from coast to coast to coast.

“Put Up Your Dukes is doing important work in bringing the issues of mental health, and specifically suicide, to the public. In the entertainment sector, and especially in comedy, suicide is an issue that is all too prevalent and has been in the shadows far too long. There are people crying out for help and it is comforting to know that your organization is listening.”

- Mark Breslin, Founder of Yuk Yuks Comedy Clubs and Funny Business Talent Agency