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Bobbi Lewin and Dr. Ken Harrison talk about mental illness on CBC's Fresh Air

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Put up Your Dukes is a non-profit third party charitable event associated with CAMH founded in 2011 by the Lewin Family after the tragic loss of Ryan “Duke” Lewin. Having fought a long battle with mental illness and addiction, Ryan took his own life at the age of 28.

Today, the family hangs on to memories of Ryan before mental illness made its way into his life. Inspired by baseball Hall of Fame legend, Duke Snider, Ryan was given the defining nickname that was truly engrained in his personality.

Our hope is to celebrate Ryan’s life and shed light on the suffering associated with mental illness by creating an annual fundraiser to support CAMH.

In November 2011, together with co-founders Bobbi and Harv Lewin and many supportive volunteers, Put Up Your Dukes was born. The initial event was held to raise funds to build Duke’s Place, a new lounge for young people located in the Intergenerational Wellness Centre at CAMH, Canada’s first dedicated centre to provide in-patient care for adolescents aged 14 to 18 suffering from concurrent disorder (both mental illness and addictions). This event was an unqualified success, reaching our three-year commitment in one year raising over $150,000, making Put Up Your Dukes a top five CAMH third party event. Duke’s Place opened its doors in July 2012, a welcoming space for patients to socialize and relax while on the road to recovery.

This year, our support for the Intergenerational Wellness Centre at CAMH continues with an event raising funds for The Lewin Family Living Learning Room, where patients can eat together as well as engage in conversation in a pleasant environment. The facility will also serve as a meeting space for patients to learn daily life skills, engage in crafts, games, and team meetings as well as provide a welcoming, sun-filled space for family visits.

With your help, the Lewin family is working with CAMH to transform lives, one room at a time.

Ryan Lewin 1982-2010